Ink drawing of a green corridor

When nature is gone, corridors can connect the last standing islands for a better future

drawing of a warrior turned into an organic farmer

Farming for the planet, instead of fighting about it

round green house with retractable roof

Green round house with retractable roof

drawing of a starfish shaped forest farm

A wandering Organic farm in the forest

Drawing of leaf covered buildings with a cow on one

Should green cities integrate food production much more?

Drawing of a group sitting on the edge

Facing the challenges

Drawing of a snail with houses on it

Moving together, Urban eco design

illustration of half computer half animal creature. (tiger)

Fusion between a laptop and a tiger drawing

illustration of kids painting flowers on earth

Green Education seen as a different kind of learning and creating

Pharma researching in the rainforests

Facing the challenges of saving nature and understanding it… along with the pharmaceutical industry

Drawing of a tractor planting words in a meadow

Drawing about verbal understanding

Biofuel car and hungry people watching it being fed

illustration on the problems with biofuel and cars

drawing of people picking fruit and a guy cutting down all the trees

Wild Harvest, growing communities or clearcutting. The choice is (often) yours down at the local supermarket

illustration of the Tragedy of the Commons

Drawing, wondering about the dynamics in the Public Domain, threatened species and our shared ressources

Drawing of a Flower-businessman

Where have all the flowers gone?

Drawing of the Tree of life
Drawing of a lot of small fishes swimming to save the Ocean
Drawing of a Key and a Key hole with a list
drawing of experts with suitcases waiting in line
Old dragon thinking about evolution while drinking tea