drawing of a warrior turned into an organic farmer

Fighting for our long-term survival

Close to half of Earth’s lifeforms are now more or less endangered (the other half has, according to the latest studies, already been wiped out) and there is no bright solutions on the horizon 

The organic farmers might have the best answers… and they are already doing their best to counter the global threats, both alone and together, learning from each other, finding new techniques and ways to work with the land, to make nature thrive and keep the ecosystems in balance, minimizing our impact.

But we badly need many, many more organic farmers to turn the tides… and to me, today at least, it seems they might be out there… we just need, somehow to convince them to turn from fighting each other to start farming together…

drawing of a warrior turned into an organic farmer

Warrior turned organic farmer

Drawing and text by Frits Ahlefeldt


About Frits Ahlefeldt

Painting watercolors, researching, writing & sketching up thoughts, understandings and ideas for a sustainable future, connecting thrive, trails, places and technology


Environmental, illustrations


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