Drawing of a small backpacker bull, angry and walking

Walking can resolve anger, it works, but why?

Drawing of a cat saying "hello bird" and the bird say "its mr. bird"

Drawing: Facing the challenges

Drawing of heart made up of leaves

Drawing: Nature heart

Woman hugging a mobile phone

There is not an app for everything

Drawing about a girl looking up at the stars, with the text, reality is full of holes that is where the light comes in

That is where the light comes in

Drawing of a head with eyes in the back and none in the front

You can look, but only see the past… or can you?

Robot promise, man will never be alone again
Drawing of a guy standing in front of worse, wanting to get to better

Challenge of getting better

man getting hit by a newspaper, in a storm

Sometimes things only get real, when we read about them, mostly not…

Men in small boxes on top of each other
illustration of an open office space

How it might feel working in an open office. illustration

Beached sailor, still holding on to the steering wheel

The hard choice between moving on or letting go

Drawing of a couple Girl Feeling, Guy Calculatiing

Drawing of lef-right mind team / couple, one feeling, the other calculating thoughts

Is it possible to choose between feelings? illustration by HikingArtist

Drawing of a guy surrendering to love

Drawing of a guy up against a wall

drawing of an group of men with signs saying NO