Beached sailor, still holding on to the steering wheel
March 16, 2013

Time to let go?

Sometimes you have to go on, sometimes it is time to let go

Do you know the situation, when you feel stuck and try to figure out what to do:   Move on and stick to the plan or to turn around and let go.

Beached sailor, still holding on to the steering wheel

Sometimes it is time to let go

I think most experienced hikers have been in that situation when right there, in the middle of nowhere, you feel the doubt and starts to wonder “am I doing the right thing”  or is it time to let go?

The final Flight of Condor

The best documentation, I have come across, of this is from a very experienced long distance Hiker: Kolby Kirk. (  There is a very honest video on Vimeo, called “the final flight of Condor” (approx. 11min.), where you follow him on the 159′ day of his PCT hike (the Pacific Crest Trail, 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada), as he make his way further on in the mountains, through heavy snow, in the footsteps of a large bear, when he starts to wonder:  “Am I making the right decision by going on?”

Check the video out on vimeo here: Final flight of Condor

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