Drawing of a couple Girl Feeling, Guy Calculatiing

Drawing about two distinct “thinking Styles” the Feeling types and the Logic types

Drawing and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Drawing of a couple Girl Feeling, Guy Calculatiing

Right and left brain Thinking Styles working together

There is a lot of talk about left and right brain thinking styles, even though the cognitive scientific foundation is so-so.

As I understand,  the left-right mind theories builds  from “split brain” research, where the connections between the left and right brain Hemisphere is missing.  Read more about splitbrain here on Wikipedia , but then again that is not the situation for most of us – or is it? 🙂

But even if or if not the science is behind it, the concepts of right-left Minds  is still widely used and known in creativity-theory, innovation and other fields for feelings and logic seems often to be so opposite the fence, (the conflict scenario) or more constructive: complementing each other in distinct different ways (the version in the drawing) .

It is also interesting that we through-out history have this “left-right”  concepts of difference in a lot of  metaphors, languages and philosophy. On one hand we want to calculate, know and estimate the most likely outcome, on the other hand we are often mo driven by our intuition, feelings, gut-understanding, culture and the the trend winds to get to it.

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