Drawing of an elephant room

Stigmatization, secrets and all the things we don’t talk about

Drawing up “the elephant in the room” just one of the expressions about avoiding things we find difficult, instead of facing them

Drawing of an elephant room

Elephant in the room Black and white drawing

The damaging effects of hiding and pretending things are different from the reality can have devastating effects on our own, our kids’ and everybody else’s well-being. And when the elephants grow huge and frightening enough they tend to become the defining spaces we live our life under.

Some claim something very simple: walking (together if possible) can actually be an efficient way to deal with these elephant rooms… (traumatic experiences, scandals, stress, global challenges to huge to face and innovations that’s needed but nobody can figure out etc.)

Apparently soldiers coming home from war, stressed people coming home from work, couples coming home from therapy, scientists coming out from the lab – in tears…

All can get great benefits by walking.

Hope to research this much more and post the article on a new hiking site 😉

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