Drawing of a bearded man with two doors as eyes

Drawing of a man

Dialogue bubble with scaffolding around it, man and woman talking

Facilitating dialogue, using an word from a different world

Drawing of an eye with a camera in it

Learning computers to see

group of young people with hearts and chemical reactions on their heads

Drawing: Love, affection and cognition, thinking together

Drawing of a cat saying "hello bird" and the bird say "its mr. bird"

Drawing: Facing the challenges

Drawing of a fish thinking

Sometimes it is better just to move on

Drawing of Jonas thinking inside the whale

Jonas in the Whale, understanding, time and media

Man lying in coins, covered in money drawing

Is there a logic to how much money anyone will need?

Drawing of an elephant room

Drawing: Space made of the things we don’t talk about

Drawing of a jar with work pills

Drawing: work, medicine… or not… trails to recovery illustration

Drawing of an old lady on a bench giving away free hugs

Link: Healing the world one hug at a time

Drawing of a group of people thinking together: groups don't think people do

When experts agree

Woman with a flower drawing

Recovery drawing

Woman on a raft, floating, with a lamp as company

Everything changes and nothing stands still
(Heraclitus 535 BC-475 BC )

Woman hugging a mobile phone

There is not an app for everything

Drawing of a man dressed like a butterfly, with his luggage

Street sketch

Drawing of a truckload of time

Time as something you can put in a truck

Penguin on an iceberg, with fish and turtle, ink drawing

One of those days

Drawing about a girl looking up at the stars, with the text, reality is full of holes that is where the light comes in

That is where the light comes in

watercolor of a pond with fishes and plants

Water and green plants watercolor sketch

Drawing of a head with eyes in the back and none in the front

You can look, but only see the past… or can you?

Robot promise, man will never be alone again
Drawing of two players, one called story the other telling, running with a ball

Can sport be seen as real-time, storytelling magic?

Drawing of a guy standing in front of worse, wanting to get to better

Challenge of getting better

King drinking beer and waiting in front of his TV, with a show of his lost kingdom

Waiting for the action, instead of taking it

Three eyed man reading a newspaper
Drawing of the moon and the sun
Drawing of a group sitting on the edge

Facing the challenges

Fish swimming in a tube with test signs over them

You can test for stress, for success and for results but not for all the things that are lost by testing.

illustration of a lot of people making up a key

Working on solutions together – People as Key illustration

drawing of an water pool in a desert

Looking at the reverse of an island, water relief – in the desert

drawing of people with roots

Drawing of connected people with roots

How can the difference between a connection and a relationship be seen?

illustration of a pencil connecting the dots
woman sitting in the leaves talking with them

Woman in a park

people building pots out of walls

Thoughts on the difference between making defence walls or making sheltered gardens for growth

drawing of two people standing on each side of a word bridge

Sketching up words, will they work as a bridge?

Beached sailor, still holding on to the steering wheel

The hard choice between moving on or letting go

drawing of people intersected as a wall

Creating change is hard because we all stick together in ways that make it hard to move individually without breaking the patterns

Drawing about a different kind of leadership among some hunter-gatherer societies

Man hiding in self-help book

Drawing about Self-help books and comfort zones

Drawing of a man with a bubble as head

Finding the line between imagination, perception, reality and believes

Life lived in a ready for YouTube video way

Is it possible to choose between feelings? illustration by HikingArtist

Woman at a roulette wheel of life

Life-coach, dices or free choice in the TV reality show Casino

Drawing of a girl smiling to the sun

Drawing about how attitude matters

hot air ballon with brave men holding on to stop it from flying away with the girl

Drawing about trust, heroes, character and a balloon drifting off

Drawing of a landscape with a highway and some stepping stones islands

Sketching up strategies between the safe road forward and jumping of in unknown directions

Drawing of a guy sitting tight on a chair

Drawing of a guy, trying not to move, to stay in control

drawing of a man with a lot of birds
Drawing of a podium with a sign saying "only one winner at the time"
People making up a wheel, rolling down a hill

Free illustrations examples from my new gallery with large drawings about teambuilding, teams, collaboration and teamwork

Drawing of four men looking but with no eyes
illustration showing three doors, do anything, do everything, do nothing
Drawing of a man with the loosing strategy
Drawing of a scientist looking at an big eye looking at him
illustration of a man sleeping and reaching out for the alarm clock
Drawing of a man catching a cloud
woman saying good morning to a not so happy stone
Drawing of a man that wants to reprogram woman
man trying to explain the three things maximum rule

Woman on a mission – illustration free to use

islands without water

Sometimes our worlds look very different at low tide, Free illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt about individualism, isolation, reality and our understanding of it.

Bird talking to a woman meditating
a cat and a dog in front of two flatscreens looking exited

Free illustration about how dogs and cats communicate on the web, illustration about communication web2.0, free drawing

A kid being called into the overcrowded school box
three people talking about why they work

Work as Call, Investment or Hell, free illustration from Frits – HikingArtist.com about jobs, career and working life

Fledgling trying to convince its bird parents to give it a parachute cartoon

Coaching: What they want is not always what they need illustration – bringing up kids cartoon

Wealthy guy standing in front of his belongings, in fear
guy in a bathtub on an island
unlucky guy that forgot his password to sleep
People sitting in their boats on a big ocean
An office in the trees, with lots of light, flowers and a good cafe'
kid trying to stop parents from splitting up
two snails meet "this town ain't big enough for both of us"
people watching a tiny sprout, waiting...
Tube illustration with entrance and exit
man being blown by leafs, trying to hold on
intellectuals in their book tower illustration
Fish hiding among fish hooks
Eco Labyrinth with a service counter
drawing of a caveman wondering under a tree
illustration of a guy climbing the wrong tree